Learning And Growing As A Graphic Designer

Turning an Internship Into Valuable Real World Experience

Aug 24, 2021 | Kristina Post Content Development Manager, Sagentic Web Design

When Cañon City High School, Class of 2022 - Senior, Katelyn Geyer stepped into the offices at FEDC TechStart, she assumed she would be their newest intern. “I walked in thinking I was applying there,” Katelyn said. But, after a tour of the offices and a conversation about her interests and skills, it was clear her skill set would be a perfect fit for a graphic design internship with DARE Print and Sign Co.  Throughout her 5 week internship as a Junior Graphic Designer, Katelyn was introduced to the basics of creating marketing materials. She had her hand in creating... Read More

Brochure Marketing

Cost Effective, Easy to Distribute Business Marketing

Jun 08, 2021 | Erica Haferkamp Creative Director

At DARE Print & Sign Co., we have a multitude of options for your marketing needs. But one of our most popular by far, is our beautiful, high quality, full color brochures. With their versatile functionality, brochures offer a significant amount of information in a condensed format. The design and presentation of each brochure can vary greatly, including how it's folded for endless variety. Brochures frequently highlight policy guidelines, raise awareness for charitable organizations, and outline curriculum, to name a few. Restaurants can employ brochures to serve as a menu; organizations can use them for displaying key locations on sight... Read More

Refrigerator Magnets

Effective Marketing That Sticks

May 16, 2021 | Erica Haferkamp Print Specialist

Refrigerator magnets are perhaps the most productive and cost - effective marketing tools any business can use. They're lightweight, inexpensive and serve as a constant reminder to potential and existing clients of why they should put their faith in your business. DARE Print & Sign Co. is a proud distributor of a vast assortment of dazzling marketing and promotional magnets for refrigerators. These are some of the various types of magnets we offer and how they can help your business grow: Business Card Magnets Our business card magnets are the most popular options we have to date. They present vital... Read More

Easy to Assemble Festival Signs

Fold-A-Sign is a Great Option for Event Marketing

Apr 21, 2021 | Erica Haferkamp Print Specialist

Fold-A-Sign is Easy To Assemble for Festival Signage Are you looking for a custom sandwich board sign? Fold-A-Sign A-Frameless Signs are a great option for outdoor advertising. Whether you're helping people find their way at a fair or showing off your booth at a festival, our custom digitally printed corrugated plastic Fold-A-Sign A-Frameless signs will look great for any event. A-Frame and Sidewalk Signs are typically framed or molded plastic signs that direct passersby into your location. These signs can be heavy and difficult to move or store for long periods of time. If you are looking for a... Read More

Pearl Cards

A Beautiful Choice for Wedding Invitations

Apr 08, 2021 | Erica Haferkamp Print Specialist

DARE Print & Sign Co. 14pt Metallic Pearl paper is a unique stock that shimmers in light when viewed from different angles. The stock itself is embedded with Pearl fibers that give the paper an overall smooth, metallic look. Printing on this stock will give your colors a subtle shimmer, however heavy ink densities or coverage may diminish the effect.  This unique and eye - catching pearl effect is often a popular choice for wedding invitations, as it is elegant and more formal than other types of stock. You've worked so hard to plan you're wedding, make sure your invitations... Read More

Canva - Graphic Design for Everyone

A Graphic Designer Evolves into a Mentor

Dec 26, 2020 | Erica Haferkamp Creative Director, DARE Print & Sign Co.

When I first opened our print shop in downtown Cañon City in January of 2020, I thought that I would help everyone with the graphic design before printing the job. Boy, I couldn't have been more wrong. First of all, I  nowhere near anticipated the amount of other graphic design talent that was local to Fremont County, Colorado.  Since opening our print and sign shop, I have gotten to experience the joy of working with other talented designers and to see their projects through the print process. As a graphic designer, it is extremely gratifying to see your work... Read More

How to Design Business Signs

Best Practices and Design Tips from DARE Print & Sign Co. Experts

Dec 18, 2020 | Erica Haferkamp Creative Director at DARE Print & Sign Co.

No normal business owner in America would be willing to knowingly turn down new prospects, but not many of them are doing everything that they can to drive sales at their physical location. Having quality signage for your business is one of the best ways for a retailer to attract new business. Your signage should be the foundation of the advertising efforts for your brick-and-mortar shop. It should be given equal importance as your website because it is the first impression that many of your potential customers will have of you. Even though the Internet age is upon us, the... Read More

The Different Types of Logo Design

Designing the Right Logo for a Small Business

Oct 23, 2020 | Erica Haferkamp Creative Director at DARE Print & Sign Co.

A logo represents what a business or organization is as an identity and serves to and attracts clients with the brand by visually stimulating their senses. A logo is typically made up of a combination of text and a graphic icon. Sometimes, a logo can simply be the type and other times it can also just be the iconic art by itself. A logo is typically the first impression that most people will experience with your business or brand. People will judge your business and associate based on your logo, so it must be impactful to convince your clients.... Read More

How to Install Window Clings

Perfect Marketing for Windows or Glass

Sep 18, 2020 | Erica Haferkamp Creative Director at DARE Print & Sign Co.

If you have gotten your window decals printed with DARE Print & Sign Co. and are now ready to install them, the good news for you is that installing a window cling all by yourself is not a tough job. We are here to help you with a complete guide on how to install window clings.  Before we start installing the clings, let us get the materials ready that you will need for the installation process. Things You Will Need Installing window cling is an easy job, but you will be well prepared with the following things before you... Read More

How to Install See-through Window Vinyl

Important Tips to Follow Installing Window Graphics

Sep 12, 2020 | Erica Haferkamp Creative Director at DARE Print & Sign Co.

Window vinyl or perforated window film has revolutionized what you can accomplish with your store windows by quickly transforming them into large signs. You can utilize your window or glass doors to display the branding or promotional offers of your business.  Installing See-through vinyl window film can be tricky. You need to follow the instructions to install it properly or you might end up having a mushy, bubbly window. This article will guide you step by step in how to install see-through window vinyl. At DARE Print & Sign Co., we provide you with the perforated full color vinyl that... Read More

Hygiene Awareness Products

Custom Designed and Printed for You

Apr 06, 2020 | Erica Haferkamp Creative Director at DARE Print & Sign Co.

Hygiene awareness is more important now than ever before. Keeping the public informed and educated is the main focus for medical professionals and all businesses is more important than ever. Get the tools that you need with printed products from DARE Print & Sign Co. Now is the time to show your patients and customers that you support hygiene awareness and disease prevention. Look into products such as: Roll Labels Signs and Posters Custom Decals Plastic Badges Printed Products for Prevention Help prevent the spread of germs by using Static Clings for mirrors that will remind bathroom visitors to... Read More