COVID Awareness Products

Custom Designed and Printed for You

2020-04-06Updated: 2022-01-17Erica Haferkamp, Creative Director

COVID Awareness SignsHygiene awareness is more important now than ever before. Keeping the public informed and educated is the main focus for medical professionals and all businesses is more important than ever. Get the tools that you need with printed products from DARE Print & Sign Co. Now is the time to show your patients and customers that you support hygiene awareness and disease prevention. Look into products such as:

  • Roll Labels
  • Signs and Posters
  • Custom Decals
  • Plastic Badges

Printed Products for Prevention

Help prevent the spread of germs by using Static Clings for mirrors that will remind bathroom visitors to wash their hands. Studies show that people are an average of 68 percent more likely to wash their hands after using the restroom if there is a sign posted. The numbers don’t lie. Items such as Static Clings, Custom Decals, and Polyethylene Signs are just a few ways to spread this message efficiently.

The Healthcare industry strives to keep the public informed, promote hygiene, and inspire safe environments. Businesses need printed products to help them spread their messages. Let’s explore some instances where printed products can play a role in the ever-changing Healthcare market.

  • Clings
    Promoting good hygiene with this product is easy and convenient. Static Stick Window Clings are often used as hand washing reminders on the bathroom mirrors of hospitals, doctor’s offices, and many more establishments. Alternatively, suggest an Extra Large Window Cling to a pharmacy as a way to provide flu-shot reminders to the public.

  • Magnets
    DARE Print & Sign Co. has a large selection of special shaped Mini-Magnets, ideal for many different applications. Tooth Magnets for dentists for oral hygiene reminders to patients are a good example of how they can be used. Also, Stop Sign Magnets to alert any visitors who are entering restricted areas are economical solutions to patient or visitor management issues.

  • Equipment Decals
    Any and all equipment, no matter what kind, should be sanitized and properly maintained. Hospitals and other businesses help your staff stay clean with Embossable Aluminum or Write-On Decals. These labels offer the ability to keep maintenance and cleaning records right on the equipment. Keeping these reminders visible will help keep employees accountable, ensuring a safe and clean environment.