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Everyone has been influenced by mascots since a young age. Do you remember a favorite cereal's mascot as you ate breakfast before school? In fact, you might remember that product more than anything else because the mascot was endearing at the time.

At DARE Print and Sign Co., we specialize in mascot design for nearly any organization, including local schools and small businesses. Put your organization in the spotlight with a memorable mascot that conveys strength, resilience and caring for the community.

Explore the simple steps it takes to market your school or organization with a mascot design that lasts. Some concepts stand the test of time with decades of service within the community.

1. The Initial Consultation

Every organization is different. DARE Print and Sign Co. meets with each client so that we can understand your unique position in the region.

The initial consultation can be performed in our offices, via telephone or through video chat. Feel free to choose the best platform that works for you.

We want to know about your organization. Tell us all about the history, your future goals and competitors' challenges. We can create a mascot that pulls together your organization's personality and brand character.

Mascot design is highly specialized, so our initial consultation is understandably an in-depth process. However, we take over the design process from here. Sit back, and wait for your designer's character concept to come your way!

2. Developing the Character

With your input from the consultation, our team gets to work on your mascot design. It's our goal to combine art with color and emotion in order to represent your school or company.

Most mascots are born out of three categories, including people, personified animals or human-like products. We add curves, personality and color to the mascot too. The end result is a design that can be used for decades to come.

DARE Print and Sign Co. works through several drafts of your distinct mascot so that the final product is as unique as your organization. We have an easy to use online proofing system that will allow you to make comments and provide feedback until your custom mascot character is perfect.

Every mascot created by our team is original. You won't find a duplicate image in any community or on any website. Your new mascot can define your organization with just a pose or smile, so every unique detail is important.

3. Sharing the Concept

We'll let you know when we have a final product for you. Our team shares the complete mascot design logo package on Google Drive .

Take some time to analyze the mascot. We strive to complete your project with minimal edits, but changes are always welcomed!

You might prefer a different color for the mascot's outfit, for example. Do you want another pose too? DARE Print and Sign Co. can manipulate the image into different shapes so that it works for your marketing needs.

Our software allows us to incorporate your ideas in little time. Make as many changes as you please because the final product should thrill everyone in your organization.

4. Accessing the Files on Your Terms

Once you approve your mascot design, it's time to download the shared folder. Your organization isn't limited to a basic image that's difficult to access either. DARE Print and Sign Co. wants you to have full access.

Save the shared folder onto your computer. Within the folder are several files in common, file types. Most organizations opt for a mascot design that has several poses or focuses.

Use the files immediately on your website, email newsletter and more. The files are yours to keep. No other organization will have a mascot quite like yours!

5. Moving the Marketing Strategy Ahead

Your experience with DARE Print and Sign Co. doesn't end with just a file download. We're pleased to offer print services as well!

Show off that new mascot design with a huge banner or event display! Think of our print services for smaller items too, including stickers.

From business cards to pop-up signage, your mascot has a busy life ahead of it. Because our team created the design, we can ensure that any print service is of high quality.

We provide quality color, centering and clear lettering with every print job. Avoid poor-quality signs with an order at our Canon City, Colorado, store!

There are plenty of mascot designs that haven't worked out for other organizations. DARE Print and Sign Co. has a long history of successful designs and happy customers. Become part of our family with a consultation appointment today!

Contact DARE Print and Sign Co. with your order. Our team works with you to create a lasting mascot design. Dare to be part of a legacy in your community.

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