DARE Print & Sign Co.

Founded By Marines

DARE Print & Sign Co. was formally established in 2019 after it was decided that Sagentic Web Design should split off it's printing and graphic design solutions that it currently only offered for web design clients. Now, any business or organization can enjoy the creative products offered by our professional designers and print specialists! 

Sagentic, LLC was started in 2003 by two Marines that had a passion for Web Design and Creativity. The internet was still fairly young when Sagentic started building websites for forward-thinking small and medium size businesses. Our approach then is the same as it is now - develop quality and custom websites for clients.

Clients repeatedly came to us to help them with their printed materials since we were the ones that designed their logos and other marketing materials. Offering printed products was a natural fit for us since we were already leading the client's online marketing efforts. Our printing side of the operation had outgrown the space and team we dedicated to it. Opening up DARE Print & Sign Co. in Cañon City, Colorado to dedicated space and resources solely to the printing needs of our clients and our community will greatly improve options for quality designed and printed marketing materials.

The best thing our clients say about us is they feel like they are getting the same service as a large company with a huge advertising budget, no matter what size they are. It's true. We give them the best quality and creative solutions for any project we tackle. All of our clients have found that they do not need to pay high prices to receive professional and quality service.

We have hundreds of clients and our unique, custom design process ensures that each client, large or small receives the attention that they deserve.

We take pride in helping our clients grow, thrive and prosper. And we enjoy the relationships we build along the way. We are a truly collaborative team, both when we work in the studio and when we work with our clients. We approach each project and assignment with the goal of making it as good as it can possibly be. We love our company, we love our work and we love the satisfaction of making our clients happy.

There are too many highly overpaid marketing firms/graphic design houses out there taking advantage of small and medium-sized businesses. DARE Print & Sign Co. has a different plan. We will give the best service for a great price that your company will find fair. Our mission is to provide our clients with the very best in design and service and to deliver effective results.

Areas Served

Located in Historic Downtown Cañon City, Colorado

DARE Print & Sign Co. is located in historic downtown Cañon City, Colorado. We serve clients in the surrounding cities of Fremont County. This includes Penrose, Howard, Brookside, Cotopaxi, Rockvale, Coal Creek, Lincoln Park, Florence, Coaldale, and Williamsburg. Our custom graphic design and layout services are not limited to our immediate areas, though. DARE Print & Sign Co. is also pleased to provide print and design services to clients from larger neighboring metropolitan cities like Denver and Colorado Springs. 

Being out of state is not a barrier to service either. DARE Print & Sign Co. has served a variety small and medium sized business clients from all over the United States. If you are looking for a design to make your business stand out with your print pieces, signs, and banners - let DARE Print & Sign Co. design it, print it, and ship it directly to you wherever you are.


Quality Full Color Printing and Signs

Your one-stop printing solution. We are your partner for your printing and signage needs in Fremont County, Colorado.