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DARE Print & Sign Co. can help you get your message across to your customers in full color on glossy high quality flyer stock paper flyers. Let our expert in-house graphic design and marketing team handle the custom graphics and copywriting to craft the perfect print marketing piece to wow your potential customers with full color print marketing pieces that feel like upscale magazines.

Most of our flyers, brochures, catalogs, calendars, and posters take an average of two weeks in production for printing. Our custom graphic designers are available by appointment to assist you in making your project perfect. Our services and products are high quality but require advance planning, especially if you require design assistance.


DARE Print & Sign Co. is the flyer printing specialist in Southern Colorado. Flyers are the most cost-effective way to attract new customers. The appeal of a printed flyer is something that no internet or radio ad can match. 4×6 flyers are the ideal size for club flyers, handbills, invitations, coupons, event marketing or sale notices.

Our high-quality gloss flyers are superior to any and come in quantities that are sure to fit within your budget. Quantities start at 100 -10000 and are available in Gloss, Matte, Enviro Uncoated (30% Recycled), and Linen stocks.

UV Coated Flyers Available

If your flyer is going to be posted outdoors for an extended period of time, it could quickly end up looking like faded remnant of your originally bright and clear message. DARE Print & Sign Co. can add a UV coat our flyers and postcards to keep your flyers looking sharp and bright even through bright Colorado sun at outdoor summer festivals.

Flyer Design

Graphic design is our specialty and DARE Print & Sign Co. has full time in-house graphic designers on staff to help you craft the perfect flyer design for your event. We have designed flyers for major clubs, restaurants, live music venues, and organizations.

The Benefits of Using Flyers to Market Your Business:

  • Reaching Your Audience is Easy
  • Creativity Attracts Customers
  • Flyers are Tangible
  • Include Incentives
  • Cost Effective
  • QR Codes Simplify Digital Transitions


Small business owners and marketers are always on the lookout for the best way to deliver business information successfully to their customers. The brochure has been an effective sales tool for doctors offices, the service industry, restaurants, and hundreds of other small businesses.

DARE Print & Sign Co. brochures are printed in full color high-quality inks and are available in Gloss, Matte, Enviro Uncoated (30% Recycled), and Linen stocks. With the right artwork, your brochures will be begging to be opened by your customers the minute they look at them.

DARE Print & Sign Co. has printed numerous brochures for businesses like auto repair shops, spas, hotels, real estate agencies and restaurants. These tools allow those businesses to present useful information, menus and specials in an easy to read format that is also easy to carry. DARE Print & Sign Co. is the print marketing expert that knows what your presentation means to your customers.

Your offers will look and impact customers better than any other form of advertising when they can hold it in their hands. If you have been looking for Brochure Printing in Southern Colorado, your search just got a lot easier with our full-service print shop at your service.

The professional graphic design staff at DARE Print & Sign Co. want to show you all that can be accomplished with a well-designed brochure. If you need assistance to help your brand best represent the image you want to project, our team of in-house graphic design professionals and content marketing experts will gladly help you polish your art and refine your copy.

Brochure Folding Options

Your brochures will come professionally folded to make a better impression on your clients. We offer eight different folding options to perfect the experience you want to provide with your printed marketing piece. Our folding options include:

  • Z-Fold
  • Half-Fold
  • Roll / Tri-Fold
  • 8 Page Fold (4 Panel)
  • Double Parallel Fold
  • Gate Fold
  • Double Gate Fold
  • Four Panel Accordion Fold

Booklets + Catalogs

Booklets are multi-page bound documents suitable for product guides, magazines, menus and catalogues. Featuring a glossy stock, full color Booklet printing services at DARE Print & Sign Co. ensure high quality results. Get your booklet project custom designed by our professional graphic design by scheduling an appointment at our downtown Cañon City, Colorado design studio or via phone or video chat. We offer two popular booklet sizes and many different paper stock options for your booklet project. Booklet page counts are available in 8 pages - 64 pages.

8.5” x 11” Booklets
Our large Booklets are an excellent format for magazines, show programs, product guides and other text-heavy designs.

8.5” x 5.5” Booklets
These Booklets suit smaller designs such as menus, catalogues and instruction manuals.

Paper Stock Available for Booklets

  • 80lb Silk Text
  • 100lb Silk Text
  • 60lb Offset Text
  • 80lb Gloss Text
  • 100lb Gloss Text

Add Value to Your Business with Booklets

Booklets allow businesses to present important information, such as product and event listings, in an organized way. Our full color Booklet printing services provides bright images with a shiny finish that will impress. With their double-sided format, Booklets convey a wealth of information within a compact shape.

Booklet Design Best Practices

Custom Booklets can hold a lot of information; be sure to determine the required content and ensure accurate copywriting. Determine the main purpose of the custom Booklet. Then, develop a message and style that is directed towards the target audience. DARE Print & Sign Co.'s expert designers, copywriters, and marketing professionals are available to help you create a simple and attractive layout that will best represent your organization.


Calendar printing is perfect for promotion all year long. Month after month, custom calendars reinforce your brand as customers flip the page. DARE Print & Sign Co.'s calendars come ready-to-use with both printing and bindery completed at our facilities. Please see one of our graphic design experts to ensure that your calendars design is perfect before production, and schedule a consultation if you are in need of calendar design layout assistance.

Print Calendars for a practical promotional tool that customers will be happy to use. Whether customers hang them at home or in the office, your Calendars will be eye-catching all year long. DARE Print & Sign Co. offers Calendar printing in two popular types of paper stock. For an eye-catching design, choose one large, high resolution image per month. Select a high resolution photo that is preferably industry-related. Real estate professionals may wish to feature properties, while fundraising groups may feature photos of raffle prizes.

Gloss Text Calendar Printing

Our full color Calendars ensure bright images while also providing a writable surface.

  • 80lb Gloss Text
  • 100lb Gloss Text


Promote new products, services and events with Poster printing. A classic advertising tool, Posters help marketing messages make a big impact. Custom Posters are versatile advertising tools that can be easily displayed at stores, venues and clinics.

Since Poster printing is affordable, you can keep marketing messages up-to-date within budget. In fact, personalized Posters are an excellent tool for advertising seasonal promotions, special events and other time-sensitive marketing campaigns. With four distinct finish options at DARE Print & Sign Co., you will get the look that best reflects your brand.

Available Poster Papers

  • Gloss Text Posters
  • Matte Posters
  • UV (High Gloss) Posters
  • Green Friendly Enviro Posters
  • Large Format Posters

Best Practices for Poster Design

Keep in mind that Posters are often read from a distance, so your custom Poster design should use large font sizes and a clear typeface. Ensure that your personalized Posters reflect your brand by incorporating company colors into the design. Consider where you will display your custom Posters, and measure the size of the space for Poster printing accordingly. DARE Print & Sign Co. has the ability to print a floor-to-ceiling Poster for a big marketing impact. Our poster design experts are available to consult with you about your poster printing project.

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