Top Seven Types of Wedding Signs

Signs and Banners for Your Big Day!

2022-05-12Updated: 2023-05-09Erica Haferkamp, Creative Director

Wedding SignsSigns, signs, everywhere there are signs—especially when it comes to modern weddings. And why not? Signage serves as both form and function on a couple's big day. On the practical side, printed signs for weddings can help guests understand where to sit, how to find things, and what’s available at the bar.

Wedding signs are a wonderful way to express your personal style and add more beauty to your celebratory space(s). And here’s a secret: they don’t have to be handmade. In fact, for busy couples, being able to count on DARE Print & Sign Co. to create perfectly beautiful signage for your special day can be a huge relief.

The seven most common types of signs at weddings include:

1. Welcome Signs. Nothing sets the stage more perfectly than a beautiful sign welcoming guests to the big day. Pastel or brightly colored, traditional font or modern, a welcome sign helps establish the right vibe from the very start.

2. Ceremony Signs. Want guests to feel free to sit on either side of the aisle? Signage will let them know. Looking to add a touch of whimsy? Have the ring bearer or flower girl carry signs showing the happy couple as children—maybe even in that role themselves.

3. Wayfinding Signs. When the wedding ceremony and reception are held at the same location, signage can be incredibly helpful in guiding guests from place to place. Instead of assigning a bridesmaid or groomsmen to move people along to the reception area while post-ceremony family pictures are being taken, let beautiful signs point the way instead. And if the restrooms are tucked away, discreet signs can help guests get where they need to go.

4. Social Media Signs. By creating a special hashtag for the wedding and putting it on signage posted around the event, social media followers can easily find all the pictures being posted, no matter who is posting them. Both those in attendance and those who couldn’t be there will appreciate this helpful touch.

5. Cocktail Signs. Ease the backup at the bar by putting the drink choices on display. That way guests can make up their minds before they reach the bartender, and get back to the dance floor sooner.

6. Gift Signs. Give wedding guests who are bringing their gift with them a little help in knowing where to set their package down. Including a note of gratitude on the sign lets them know how much their thoughtfulness is appreciated.

7. Special Feature Signs. Is there a special area or table set up for favors, photo displays or a guest book? Show guests where it is with signage.

In addition to regular signs, brides, grooms, and their wedding planners can also turn to their local printer to fulfill a couple of other hot trends. Sharing the special day on social media engagement is much more fun with professionally printed props. This includes fun foam board cutouts of wedding objects like bells, giant rings, a cake, or even replicas of the lucky couple. Wedding Banners are also an affordable option that can be easily transported, rolled up, and put away for easy travels to destination weddings.

An elegant touch is super-personalized place cards for seating. BRIDES says that one of the hottest wedding trends right now is a focus on creating thoughtful guest experiences. Their suggestion? Special, custom-printed postcards set at every place, each with a handwritten message for that seat’s cherished occupant.

Couples getting married are always busy, so partnering with DARE Print & Sign Co. to add all the right touches is the perfect way to reduce stress while elevating the big day. From sophisticated brushed metal to colorful acrylic to beautiful banners, the only limit is imagination! We have all of the right wedding signage products for your event, regardless if it is held indoors or is an outdoor wedding. Schedule your consultation with one of our graphic design professionals today to help you get the vision of your big day perfect in every area.

We also work with other local graphic designers like Ellie Brown Branding (pictured below) to provide templates and pre-press coaching to ensure that your project turns out perfectly, no matter what designer you are working with or if you want to design it yourself. DARE Print & Sign Co. is here to help you make your wedding sign dreams a reality!

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