Outdoor Events Need Signage, Too

Signs and Banners for Summer Festivals

2022-05-13Updated: 2022-05-14Erica Haferkamp, Creative Director

Event Banners and Outdoor SignsOutdoor Signs invite people to engage in activities. They help tell a story about a business or event and supply visible breadcrumbs that keep people engaged. We can provide you with expertise in materials, sizing, positioning, and durability to ensure that your order is the perfect fit for your event.

Every season brings an array of outdoor events that will need signage, from sports, festivals, and concerts to weddings and quinceañeras. We are all in the mood to mingle, but for many events, those celebrations are still outdoors, regardless of the weather. That demands brilliant, colorful signage that will stand up to the elements. From event Announcement Signs to Directional Signs and those big Celebration Banners, there are plenty of opportunities to guide event visitors through the experience you want them to have with easily recognized signs. 

DARE Print & Sign Co. can build you a family event package that includes Yard Signs for directions, big Banners to show where the main event happens, and even weather-resistant Table Covers from wide-format material to celebrate the event on every table! Don’t forget to add custom Flags to identify the VIP guests. 

Sport and hobby associations, schools, car shows, marathons and fun runs, tasting events, and pop-up festivals will appreciate packages that focus on big Banners that include logos and messaging. They come in mesh, which is great for fences and other places where you want the air to flow through, as well as solid vinyl. They are durable and waterproof, so they can take whatever the weather dishes out. Pair the signage with coordinating Event Tickets, magnets for giveaways, and directional Yard Signs. Remember DARE Print & Sign Co. offers both pre-event packages that advertise coming events as well as bundled items for the big day itself.

If you are planning corporate events like store openings and re-openings, we can create a sign package that is easy to set up and take down, as well as signage that can stand on its own. No matter the location, DARE Print & Sign Co. can help you create the best environment for your event, including Sidewalk Signs and Flags. For in store events, Window Graphics refresh the store image and can coordinate with exterior Banners—plus match in-store giveaways like Magnets. 

At DARE Print & Sign Co., we don’t forget about mobile businesses like food trucks, either. Vehicle Decals and Window Graphics lift your mobile business’s visibility. We will coordinate your mobile business with a package of easy-to-tote Signs showing the way to seating or announcing hours and locations to help your business grow. Our Yard Signs can spotlight menu specials, too.

If your business depends on local festivals to sell your handcrafted goods, our banner packages are perfect for your on the go signage needs. They are easy to attach to pop up tents. We can even create custom event tents with your branding already in place on the fabric in full color sublimation.

The expert print and sign experts at DARE will create the perfect outdoor event sign package for you with signs that will stand up to the sun, wind, rain, and cold. We can design them for budget-friendly temporary use that supports short-term messaging, or build for the long-term requirements of sports seasons or ongoing brand awareness. The options available at DARE Print & Sign Co. for your custom event signs and banners are many and our team is ready to help make your event a success!

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