Easy to Assemble Festival Signs

Fold-A-Sign is a Great Option for Event Marketing

2021-04-21Updated: 2023-01-08Erica Haferkamp, Creative Director

Coroplast Fold-A-SignAre you looking for a custom sandwich board sign? Fold-A-Sign A-Frameless Signs are a great option for outdoor advertising.

Whether you're helping people find their way at a fair or showing off your booth at a festival, our custom digitally printed corrugated plastic Fold-A-Sign A-Frameless signs will look great for any event.

Fold-A-Sign is Easy To Assemble for Festival Signage

A-Frame and Sidewalk Signs are typically framed or molded plastic signs that direct passersby into your location. These signs can be heavy and difficult to move or store for long periods of time. If you are looking for a sign that can easily fold away for storage and then assemble in seconds for use when you need it - Fold-A-Sign is perfect for your needs.

Fold-A-Signs are widely used by business owners as a new marketing and advertising tool because of the price and simple setup. They are vibrantly printed in full color and easy to handle compared to heavy sidewalk signs and A-Frame signs that were previously used for this purpose. Fold-A-Signs are more catchy in appearance compared to their traditional alternatives because they come with beautiful custom graphic design included from our professional in-house designers.

Key Features of Fold-A-Signs

  • They are durable
  • They reduce the overall advertising cost
  • They are available in a variety of sizes
  • Double-sided printing makes them visible from both sides
  • They offer easy folding and unfolding

Food Trucks, Pop-Up Shops, and Real Estate Open Houses

The most exciting feature of Fold-A-Sign is the ease of its assembling and disassembling. These Fold-A-Signs are printed on durable plastic flex materials that don’t require any solid frame support. This feature makes Fold-A-Signs very useful for pop-up shops and food trucks that are always setting up and tearing down. Once you are done with your business for the day, you can easily fold them away for use the next day. These beautiful, custom designed, and sturdy Fold-A-Sign boards can entice many customers to your business. Real Estate Agents: Get more potential buyers to come to your open house with this sign that is easy to fold away and store in between open house events.

Wedding Receptions

Weddings should be a joyful moment in your life, but it involves the participation of guests that requires proper management of different activities you have planned. Greeting every guest by showing them the way to the right place at the wedding with Fold-A-Signs. Install multiple Fold-A-Signs to make it easy for guests to find all of the fun you have planned for them.

These eye-catching Fold-A-Signs will not only greet the guest and guide them to their seats, but they also enhance the beauty of the wedding reception with the custom designed look of the happy couple. After the wedding function is over, cleaning and wrapping of these Fold-A-Signs is simple and easy. They can be packed away as a beautiful memento of the event.

Festivals + Art Shows + Craft Fairs + Music Concerts

Beautiful custom designed full color printed Fold-A-Signs can help magnify the beauty of your displays at any Southern Colorado summer festival or fair. These Fold-A-Signs sharp and attractive appearance will help draw the eye of passerby customers at craft fairs where there is so much to look at. Musicians and other street performers can also utilize the Fold-A-Sign to draw in a large audience for their easily movable performances.