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2023-01-08Updated: 2023-01-09Erica Haferkamp, Creative Director

6mm PVC Real Estate Sign InsertsWelcome to Cañon City, Colorado, where real estate signs can be found everywhere! From the scenic views of the Rocky Mountains to the unique culture of the city, Cañon City has something for everyone. Whether you're selling a vacation home, a starter home, or an investment property, you'll find a variety of real estate signs in Cañon City at DARE Print & Sign Co. to help you market property you're representing.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the types of real estate signs available from DARE Print & Sign Co. in downtown Cañon City, what they mean, and how to use them to market the perfect property. So, read on to learn more about real estate signs in Cañon City, Colorado!

Cañon City's Thriving Real Estate Market

Cañon City, located in Southern Colorado, is a beautiful community with a unique history and a thriving real estate market. The city is nestled in the shadow of the Wet Mountains and is home to the Royal Gorge and the Arkansas River. It is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with plenty of trails, campsites, and recreational activities to explore.

The real estate market in Cañon City is booming, with home prices that are lower than the national median. Despite the low prices, the homes in Cañon City are high-quality and come in a variety of styles and sizes. There are plenty of options for buyers, including single-family homes, condos, townhouses, and more. The area is also home to a diverse range of businesses, ranging from unique retail shops to professional services.

Overall, Cañon City is an attractive place to live and is home to a thriving real estate market. With its beautiful scenery, outdoor activities, and affordable housing, it is an ideal place to settle down and make a home.

Realtor Stats in Cañon City, Colorado

According to the latest figures from the National Association of Realtors, there are currently 572 Realtors in Cañon City, Colorado. This is an increase of 4.2% compared to the same period last year. Of the 572 Realtors, 347 are female and 225 are male. The median age of Realtors in Cañon City is 44, with 26% of Realtors under the age of 35 and 27.5% over the age of 55. With the most recent census counting the Cañon City population at 17,363 (2021), that means there is a real estate agent for every 30 people in town. This means REALTORS® will have to differentiate themselves through their marketing and signage as well as their customer service to win local listings in Fremont County.

The average length of experience in the real estate industry among these Realtors is 14.5 years. The average annual sales volume of Realtors in Cañon City is $1.2 million, with the median transaction size being $205,000. The median commission rate for Realtors in Cañon City is 4.1%.

Local professional real estate agents can find professional standards, educational opportunities, friendship, and discounts on real estate signs with DARE Print & Sign Co. by being members of the local Royal Gorge Association of Realtors which serves professional REALTORS® throughout Fremont and Custer Counties in Southern Colorado.

The Importance of Real Estate Signs

Real estate signs are a valuable tool for helping potential buyers find a property they may be interested in. They show the price, location, and other information that can help buyers make an informed decision. They also act as a form of advertising, as they are highly visible and can help attract attention to a property. Make sure to check the local Cañon City Sign Ordinances and Legal Requirements before placing your real estate signs.

Furthermore, they provide a great way for real estate agents to connect with potential clients and build relationships. Real estate signs are an essential part of the real estate industry, and they can be used to help buyers and sellers make a successful transaction.

Statistics in Real Estate Signage

Real Estate signage is an important part of marketing a home or property. It can help draw potential buyers to the property, as well as provide valuable information about the listing. According to recent statistics, real estate signage is one of the most effective ways to reach potential buyers. On average, 82% of buyers use signage to find properties they are interested in, and 63% of buyers find their dream home through a sign.

Additionally, real estate signage can increase the number of showings for a property by up to 40%. Furthermore, signs are an affordable way to reach potential buyers and can help to increase a property’s visibility in the area. With these statistics in mind, real estate signage can be an effective marketing tool for any property.

Types of Real Estate Signs

Real estate signs are an important marketing tool for both real estate agents and property owners. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used to advertise an open house, promote a new listing, or direct people to a specific property.

The most popular types of real estate signs are directional signs, open house signs, for-sale signs, and monument signs. Directional signs are typically small and used to direct potential buyers to a specific property. Open house signs are usually larger and feature the address of the property as well as the time and date at which the open house will take place.

For-sale signs are often the most visible and recognizable type of real estate sign and typically feature the price, address, and contact information of the listing agent. Monument signs are larger than other types of real estate signs and are typically used in front of developments or subdivisions to advertise multiple properties. All of these signs serve an important purpose in the real estate business and can be used to attract potential buyers to a specific property or development.

Open House Signs for Real Estate Agents

Sidewalk Signs for Real Estate Open HouseOpen House signs are an important part of real estate marketing. They let potential buyers know where a home is located and provide helpful information about the property. Open House signs can also help agents create a strong brand presence in their local market by showcasing the company’s logo and contact information.

Open House signs should be eye-catching and brightly colored to draw attention and should include the basics such as property address, MLS number, and listing agent’s contact info. They should also include a brief description of the property, any special features, and open house dates/times. Open House signs should also be placed strategically, such as in high-traffic areas near the property, to maximize visibility and help agents reach out to more potential buyers.

Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are a great way for real estate agents to draw attention to an open house. They are an affordable, eye-catching way to get potential buyers to come and take a look at the property. Sidewalk signs can be placed in busy areas where there is foot traffic and are easy to move around. They are also a great way to get people to take a second look at the property.

When creating your sidewalk sign, be sure to include the address of the open house, the days and times it is open, and a few key features of the property. If possible, add a photograph of the property to your sign. This will help people to visualize what the property looks like and may even entice them to come and take a closer look. Affordable and changeable Coroplast Inserts make it possible to highlight your premier listings with individualized signs to attract more buyers.

Sidewalk signs are a great way to market an open house and can be used in conjunction with other marketing strategies such as neighborhood door hangers, direct mail, and additional temporary signage around the neighborhood. With a good design, these signs can draw in potential buyers and get them to take a closer look at your listing.

Custom Flags

Custom flags are a unique method to market an open house for a real estate agent. With a custom flag, the agent can draw attention to the open house, letting passersby know that the house is for sale. The flag can include any text or graphics (including photos) the agent desires, making it perfect for showcasing the agent to help build their personal brand. Additionally, custom flags are made from premium Polyester, so they can withstand harsh weather conditions and still look great. They can be placed in the yard or on the porch of the house to draw attention to the open house.

Custom flags are also relatively inexpensive, making them an affordable way to market an open house. With a custom flag, real estate agents can make sure that potential buyers know about the open house and come to take a look at the property.

Coroplast Fold-A-Signs

Fold-A-Signs for Easy Open House SignageEasy to use, cost effective and ideal for marketing open houses with full size and table top matching Open House signage that travels easily to your next event. Printed full color on durable corrugated plastic. Fold-A-Sign is delivered to you flat and assembles in seconds! Our Fold-A-Sign is made with durable, corrugated plastic and is a great choice for indoor or outdoor advertising. With the vibrant, full color, digital printing, it's the perfect option to draw people to your Open House in Cañon City!

Coroplast folding signs are an ideal choice for real estate agents who need to display a sign at an open house. These signs are easy to fold away and store flat, making them incredibly portable and convenient. The signs are also incredibly durable, and designed to withstand years of use without fading, cracking, or warping. They are lightweight and easy to transport as well, allowing agents to quickly move them from open house to open house. With their easy portability, durability, and ability to fold away flat, coroplast folding signs are the perfect choice for real estate agents looking to make a great impression on prospective buyers.

3 Versions of Fold-A-Sign

  • 8.25" x 11" Table Top (4mm Corrugated Plastic)
  • 23 x 35" Light Duty (4mm Corrugated Plastic)
  • 23 x 35" Heavy Duty (10mm Corrugated Plastic)

Fold-A-Sign Features

  • Double sided visibility when assembled 
  • Full Color printing
  • Shipped flat and easy to assemble

For Sale Signs

  • 6mm PVC Inserts: This is our most popular sign for For Sale signs for real estate agents! 6mm PVC fits perfectly within most real estate frames. PVC plastic has a smooth finish and can be used indoors or outdoors. These real estate inserts are printed in full color and can be single or double sided. Custom sizes and shapes are available.
  • Aluminum Sign Inserts: Full color digital prints on Aluminum Inserts available on single or double sided printing with optional overlaminate and reflective coatings. These are beautiful, high quality sign inserts for your black metal real estate frames.
  • Outdoor Banners: Our Outdoor Vinyl Banners are ideal For Sale Signs for Commercial Properties and Vacant Land. They come standard finished with quality hems and grommets that make them easy to hang from fences or screwed to a sign frame that you build. They are durable and can be printed in photo quality to include your photograph for brand recognition. These are also fantastic economical options for you to use to advertise yourself at local events and festivals. 

Yard signs

Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic yard signs are becoming a popular way for real estate agents and custom home builders to advertise their listings. These signs are lightweight, durable, and cost effective, making them perfect for outdoor advertising. They are also eye-catching and can be used to effectively communicate important details such as open house times and the listing's address.

In addition, they are easy to install and can be customized with eye-catching graphics that draw attention to the listing. Custom home builders can also use corrugated plastic signs to showcase their brand and highlight the unique features of their homes. With these signs, real estate agents and custom home builders can easily advertise their listings and get them noticed by potential buyers.

Trade Professionals, such as Roofers, Remodelers, Landscaping, Electrical, Plumbing, Pest Control would all benefit from a consistent yard sign advertising campaign where you place your signs at your client's homes to increase brand awareness in the local Cañon City neighborhoods.

  • 4mm Coroplast: Rigid Coroplast is typically used for yard, parking, real estate, and election signs. They are waterproof and available with accompanying H-Stakes for easy yard placement
  • 10mm Coroplast: Super tough, ultra-durable 10mm coroplast is highly weather-resistant Whether you are using these to promote a property or an open house, these durable, versatile, economical, and easily packable signs will come through for you. They store well and can withstand a fair amount of knocking around. 
  • Coroplast Rider Signs: Update your listings easily with personalized attention grabbing Rider Signs. These smaller coroplast signs can be utilized to showcase special features of the listing or grab attention with laugh getting taglines.

The Benefits of Real Estate Signs in Cañon City

Real estate signs can be an incredibly effective way to market a property in Cañon City, Colorado. Not only do they draw attention to the property, but they also provide potential buyers with valuable information about the listing. Here are some of the benefits of using real estate signs in Cañon City:

  1. Increased Visibility: Real estate signs can help draw attention to a property and make it stand out from the competition. With the right placement and design, a sign can be a great way to draw in potential buyers and get your property noticed.
  2. Cost-Effective: Real estate signs are relatively inexpensive and can be reused in multiple locations. This makes them a great option for those who are trying to keep their marketing costs low.
  3. Easy to Update: Real estate signs can easily be updated with new pricing, photos, or other changes to the property. This makes them an incredibly flexible and convenient way to keep potential buyers informed.
  4. Professional Look: Real estate signs give properties a professional and polished look that is sure to catch the eye of potential buyers. With the right design, you can create an eye-catching sign that will help your property stand out from the competition.

Real estate signs are a great way to market your property in Cañon City and draw attention to it. They are cost-effective, easy to update, and create a professional look that is sure to attract potential buyers.