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2024-04-18Erica Haferkamp

Adult Beverage Products for Breweries, Wineries, Restaurants, BarsIn the bustling adult beverage market, distinguishing your brand from competitors is crucial. At DARE Print & Sign Co., we specialize in providing custom printing solutions that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your products but also serve practical marketing functions. From coasters that carry your brand’s message to eye-catching beverage boxes and labels, our products are designed to ensure your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace. Here’s a detailed look at some of the most effective tools we offer to help your brand thrive.

Coasters – The Tabletop Communicators
Marketing with custom coasters offers a unique and effective way to boost your brand visibility and engagement. These small but mighty tools are not just for setting down drinks; they serve as mini billboards right on the table, making them a strategic marketing asset. When customers use or see a coaster bearing your logo, they're constantly reminded of your brand, creating multiple impressions throughout their visit. This repetitive exposure is key to building brand recognition, ensuring that your business stays top-of-mind for when consumers make purchasing decisions. Moreover, coasters are seen not only by the people using them but also by others at the event or venue, multiplying their reach.

Custom Printed CoastersCustom coasters also provide an opportunity to convey targeted messages or campaigns in a non-intrusive way. Whether it’s advertising a new product, a special discount, upcoming events, or important brand messaging, coasters can be customized to communicate various promotions effectively. They can even include interactive elements like QR codes, directing users to your website, social media pages, or special offers online. This encourages direct engagement, driving traffic to your digital platforms and potentially increasing sales or event attendance. By turning every drink into a chance to connect, coasters convert standard tableware into a dynamic part of your marketing strategy.

Important to note, custom coasters are a cost-effective marketing tool. Compared to other forms of advertising, coasters are relatively inexpensive to produce, yet they offer lasting value, as they can be used repeatedly in various settings—from bars and restaurants to corporate events and private parties. They are also easy to distribute and provide tangible value to the recipient, enhancing the customer experience while subtly promoting your brand. Additionally, their practicality ensures they won’t be viewed as just another piece of advertising but as a useful item that enhances the user's experience, increasing the likelihood of a positive association with your brand.

Coasters are more than just a surface for glasses; they are a prime advertising space.

We offer coasters made from various materials:

  • .035” Pulpboard

  • .055” Pulpboard

  • .018” Paperboard

Dual Functionality: Serve your beverages and your message simultaneously.

Custom QR Codes: Link directly to your menus, promotional offers, or events with a simple scan.

Ideal for: Restaurants, breweries, and events looking for an eco-friendly way to promote their brand.

Beverage Boxes – Packaging that Pops
Custom Beverage BoxesCustom beverage boxes offer a multitude of benefits that extend beyond simple packaging, making them an essential marketing tool for any beverage company. These boxes are tailored to fit specific product dimensions, ensuring a perfect presentation while protecting contents during transport and storage. With the ability to incorporate vibrant, full-color graphics and detailed product information, custom boxes transform ordinary packaging into an eye-catching display that captures consumer attention. This enhanced shelf presence increases brand visibility and can significantly influence buying decisions, distinguishing your products from competitors in crowded retail environments.

Additionally, custom beverage boxes are an excellent medium for storytelling and brand reinforcement. They provide ample space to convey your brand's message, share its history, or highlight unique selling propositions, such as sustainability practices or ingredient sourcing. This ability to communicate directly with consumers at the point of sale adds value to the purchase experience and can deepen customer engagement. Moreover, these boxes can be designed with interactive elements like QR codes that lead to immersive digital experiences, such as virtual tours, recipe suggestions, or loyalty programs, thereby extending the customer interaction beyond the physical product.

From a practical standpoint, custom beverage boxes also offer logistical advantages. They can be engineered to optimize space during shipping and storage, reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact. The use of durable materials ensures that products arrive in pristine condition, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing the risk of returns due to damage. For companies committed to sustainability, these boxes can be produced using recyclable materials, appealing to eco-conscious consumers and aligning with corporate social responsibility goals. Overall, custom beverage boxes not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your products but also support operational efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Our beverage boxes come in two styles tailored to your needs:

  • Auto-Bottom (AB): Features a strong base, perfect for manual packing.

  • Partial Overlap Seal End (POSE): Best for automated filling operations.

Standout Design: Full-color graphics on all sides for maximum impact.

Customizable: Tailor materials, designs, and sizes to your brand’s specific needs.

Material Highlight: 18-point wet strength recycled paperboard, ensuring durability in cold and wet environments.

Can & Crowler Labels – Stick with Style

Custom Can and Crowler LabelsCustom Can & Crowler Labels play a pivotal role in branding and marketing strategies for breweries, wineries, and beverage companies, offering a tailored approach to packaging that enhances brand recognition and consumer appeal. These labels are designed to wrap seamlessly around cans and crowlers, providing a full, vibrant display of high-quality graphics that capture the essence of the brand. The use of professional, eye-catching designs on these labels not only makes the product stand out on crowded shelves but also communicates the uniqueness of the beverage inside. By incorporating elements such as logos, custom artwork, and essential product information, these labels transform a simple can into a powerful marketing tool that engages consumers and encourages purchase decisions.

Moreover, Custom Can & Crowler Labels are an excellent medium for storytelling and brand reinforcement. They offer the flexibility to include detailed narratives about the product’s origin, brewing process, or ingredients, which can significantly enhance consumer engagement and loyalty. This level of customization allows brands to connect with their audience on a more personal and emotional level, building a strong brand identity. Additionally, these labels are crafted from durable materials that ensure they remain intact and vibrant, even in refrigerated or moist conditions, preserving the brand’s image throughout the product's lifecycle. This durability combined with compelling design helps maintain a professional appearance that attracts both new customers and delights loyal patrons, ultimately driving sales and bolstering the brand’s reputation.

Choose from a variety of materials for your can and crowler labels, including our popular White BOPP, which offers excellent moisture resistance and durability.

  • High Visibility: Ensure your cans stand out on the shelf with vibrant, full-color printing.

  • Versatility: Available in multiple sizes and custom shapes to perfectly fit your product.

  • Use Cases: Ideal for craft beers, sodas, kombuchas, and more.

Drink ‘N Peel® Labels – Interactive Marketing

Drink ‘N Peel® LabelsDrink ‘N Peel® Labels offer a unique and interactive packaging solution that significantly enhances the consumer experience with a product. These innovative labels feature a multilayered construction that includes both a standard beverage label and a peelable sticker. This design not only provides all the necessary information about the beverage but also adds an element of engagement through the peelable sticker. Consumers enjoy the novelty of peeling off a sticker that can be used elsewhere, turning the simple act of buying a drink into an interactive experience. This added interaction can help create a memorable brand experience, encouraging word-of-mouth marketing and repeated purchases. Such labels are particularly effective in promotional campaigns where the sticker can serve as a collectible or offer a discount, thereby increasing the product's appeal and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Drink ‘N Peel® Labels are highly customizable, offering brands the flexibility to tailor both the outer label and the sticker inside to specific marketing needs. This allows for creative campaigns that can be seasonally themed, event-specific, or aligned with broader marketing strategies. The ability to include detailed graphics, vibrant colors, and custom shapes makes these labels an excellent tool for standing out in a competitive marketplace. Additionally, the labels are produced using high-quality materials that ensure durability and maintain aesthetic appeal, even under conditions where condensation or handling might wear down lesser materials. By utilizing Drink ‘N Peel® Labels, companies can effectively combine practical information delivery with creative marketing to enhance brand visibility and consumer engagement.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Customers peel and reveal stickers or additional information beneath the label.

  • Memorable Experiences: Encourages customers to interact with your brand beyond the initial purchase.

Additional Promotional Products

Plastic MenusIn the competitive landscape of the adult beverage industry, additional promotional products can significantly amplify a brand's visibility and consumer engagement. Among these, plastic menus stand out as an essential tool for bars, restaurants, and outdoor venues. Made from durable materials, these menus are designed to withstand frequent handling and adverse weather conditions, making them ideal for high-traffic dining environments. Their easy-to-clean surface ensures that they remain hygienic and presentable over time, reflecting the quality and professionalism of the establishment. Additionally, plastic menus offer vibrant, fade-resistant printing options that enhance visual appeal while providing clear, easy-to-read beverage options to customers, thereby enhancing the overall dining experience and facilitating quicker order decisions.

Keg wraps and collars are another valuable promotional asset, particularly for breweries looking to maintain a cohesive brand image across various distribution points. These customizable products wrap around beer kegs, transforming them from plain containers into impactful brand ambassadors. Keg wraps and collars not only help in identifying the brewery and specific beer type at a glance but also protect the keg’s surface during transport and storage. By ensuring consistent branding from the brewery to the bar, these products foster brand recognition and loyalty, making them crucial for breweries that distribute across diverse outlets. The ability to include specific branding elements, such as logos, colors, and thematic designs, allows breweries to create a visually cohesive presence that resonates with consumers and stands out in crowded venues.

Lastly, tap handle magnets provide an innovative solution for breweries and bars that frequently rotate their beer offerings. These magnets can be quickly swapped out to reflect the current taps, making them ideal for seasonal specials, limited-edition brews, or new product launches. This flexibility not only enhances operational efficiency but also significantly boosts marketing effectiveness. Tap handle magnets catch the eye of patrons at the point of purchase, serving as miniature billboards that invite customers to try something new. By facilitating easy updates, these magnets ensure that branding remains current and engaging, which is crucial for establishments that aim to keep their clientele excited and returning regularly. Each of these promotional products plays a pivotal role in strengthening a brand's market presence, making them indispensable tools in the arsenal of any serious marketer in the adult beverage sector.

Beyond our core offerings, consider these additional products to enhance your brand presence:

  • Plastic Menus: Durable and easy to clean, perfect for bars and outdoor dining.

  • Keg Wraps and Collars: Customize your kegs for greater brand consistency.

  • Tap Handle Magnets: Quickly swap branding on tap handles for seasonal brews or new launches.

At DARE Print & Sign Co., we understand the power of branding in the adult beverage industry. Our comprehensive range of products is designed to meet the specific needs of breweries, wineries, distilleries, and more, ensuring your brand not only meets but exceeds market demands. Get a Free Quote today to learn how our custom adult beverage solutions can elevate your brand’s market presence.

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