Brochure Marketing

Cost Effective, Easy to Distribute Business Marketing

2021-06-08Updated: 2022-01-17Erica Haferkamp, Creative Director

BrochuresAt DARE Print & Sign Co., we have a multitude of options for your marketing needs. But one of our most popular by far, is our beautiful, high quality, full color brochures.

With their versatile functionality, brochures offer a significant amount of information in a condensed format. The design and presentation of each brochure can vary greatly, including how it's folded for endless variety. Brochures frequently highlight policy guidelines, raise awareness for charitable organizations, and outline curriculum, to name a few.

Restaurants can employ brochures to serve as a menu; organizations can use them for displaying key locations on sight or even use them to list company services. But brochures aren't just for restaurants. There are tons of businesses that can benefit from their functionality.

Customer Focus

Customers that could benefit from brochures include:

  • Groups and Affiliations
  • Local Entrepreneurs (massage therapist, automotive repair, etc.)
  • Event Coordinators
  • Eateries 

The Best Approach

While brochures can convey tremendous amounts of information, it's still critical to identify and include the most vital data. DARE Print & Sign Co. can help you put your best foot forward.

Consider pinpointing the specific demographic for the brochure and crafting the design and messaging accordingly. A practical layout should allow for reading ease and utilize an eye - catching but straightforward look.

With digital marketing techniques so prevalent nowadays, you might consider whether a printed brochure is the best use of resources. Do brochures offer enough benefits to warrant the additional time and expense?

Are Brochures a Capable Tool?

The short answer is yes. In fact, brochures are still a go - to option for meaningful returns over various industries in the marketing world. Not only are brochures relatively simple to manufacture, but they are also inexpensive, and distributing them is nearly effortless. Developing a solid marketing plan with the help of brochures allows your organization to accomplish several tasks. These tasks include:

  • Communicating key concepts
  • Showcasing new additions to your product line or highlighting new services
  • Increasing awareness about your existing products or services offered

Another great advantage of brochures is that recipients can give them to other interested parties. With the potential to capture additional customers, the scope of your marketing outreach increases dramatically.

How To Make A Successful Brochure

An effective brochure will offer significant insight into your organization while remaining small and easy to digest. To ensure you include the necessary ingredients for an engaging and informative brochure, consider the following:

  • Compelling imagery
    Images are flexible and easy to reformate for various brochure layouts. While graphics and pictures allow you to capture a customer's attention, they can also educate and instruct.

  • Data in the form of Graphs or Charts
    A quick method of conveying impressive statistics is through visually appealing graphs. Also, including elements such as a map of your location can aid customers in finding your organization. Consider adding pictures of your business with your team assisting customers.

  • Specials and Discounts
    One of the most beneficial ways to announce a big promotion or offer special incentives is through a brochure. With a sale or coupons, you can grab the attention of many new customers and provide them additional motivation to seek out your business.

When Brochures are the Best Choice

Marketing with BrochuresWhile brochures are versatile and offer a wide range of size options, the most popular is the tri - fold design with included inserts. Brochures can feature an easy means to distribute company cards and additional promotional material. Most people have greater trust in a company that provides tangible material such as a professional brochure with their corporate brand.

One of the best aspects of brochures is small entrepreneurs can take advantage of their inexpensive cost. In contrast, other advertising methods require significant financial investment and don't offer nearly the same return as brochures.

Depending upon the paper stock used, the dimensions, and the amount produced, each brochure will vary in cost to produce. However, at DARE Print & Sign Co., the greater the number of brochures, the lower the price per brochure for increased value.

  • Media Kits Utilizing Brochures
    Media Kits are handed out to organizations such as news or other audio/visual mediums and combine with brochures for a stunning effect. These brochures can highlight certain businesses and offer customer feedback data for direct messaging.

  • Tradeshows, Direct Mail, and Non-Profits
    Easy to hand out at the company booth during a tradeshow, brochures are a cost-effective means to get your company's name recognized. A brochure is an ideal vehicle for direct mail campaigns, as it includes more information about your business that isn't possible with other mailer formats. Concerning non-profits, brochures can customize for individual and focused messages designed for different groups.

Successful Customer Conversion with Brochures

Even with its simplistic and straightforward design, the printed brochure continues to be a fantastic and flexible means of communication. When used alongside other marketing strategies, company's can achieve even more outstanding results with the addition of brochures. Inexpensive and effective, businesses everywhere should consider incorporating marketing brochures for increased customer outreach. 

At DARE Print & Sign Co., we can get you the brochure you need to get your business name out there in an easy to read, eye - catching and simplistic fashion. With our wide variety of choices, we have the perfect options to help your business thrive.