Refrigerator Magnets

Effective Marketing That Sticks

2021-05-16Updated: 2022-01-17Erica Haferkamp, Creative Director

Business Card MagnetsRefrigerator magnets are perhaps the most productive and cost - effective marketing tools any business can use. They're lightweight, inexpensive and serve as a constant reminder to potential and existing clients of why they should put their faith in your business.

DARE Print & Sign Co. is a proud distributor of a vast assortment of dazzling marketing and promotional magnets for refrigerators. These are some of the various types of magnets we offer and how they can help your business grow:

Business Card Magnets

Our business card magnets are the most popular options we have to date. They present vital business information in an organized manner so that potential clients can reach out to you as the "go to" establishment. We can create business card magnets in a more contemporary style, as well. You can use these magnets for purposes such as:

  • Date Reminders
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Scanable QR Codes
  • Website Information Displays

Rectangular Magnets

At DARE Print & Sign Co. we can also print indoor rectangle magnets. These magnets are different from traditional magnets shapes, which makes them more appealing. You may request them with rounded or squared corners, and their measurements are typically 5" by 8" or 2" by 4", but we can work with you to come up with the best size for your intended use.

These attractive magnets can be used for myriad purposes up to and including:

  • Calendars
  • Schedules
  • Small Billboards
  • Business Promotions
  • Important Upcoming Events
  • Magnetic Postcards
  • "Save the Date" Magnets
  • Units of Measurement reminders
  • Marketing or Social Media Campaigns
  • Important Email Addresses, Websites and Phone Numbers

Oval and Circle Magnets

Oval and circle refrigerator magnets are another part of the wide array of refrigerator magnets we can print at DARE Print & Sign. These magnets can serve as a unique alternative to classic magnet styles, and you can use them for the same purposes as other magnets. We offer these magnets in five standard sizes, which are:

  • 3" circle magnets
  • 4" circle magnets
  • 5.5" circle magnets
  • 3" by 3.5" oval magnets
  • 4" by 5" oval magnets

Shape Magnets

We are happy to offer a huge variety of stock shape magnets to make your magnet marketing stand out. We have more than 20 stock shapes so you're sure to find something that lines up with what your business offers. 

Can't find what you're looking for in our stock shapes selection? Not to worry! We love to get creative and produce something different to make you stand out from the competition. We have the design knowledge and the equipment to craft magnets that can make your logo, website address or calendar shine.

Custom Shape Magnets

Looking for something that really stands out? Custom shaped magnets allow you the freedom to create virtually any shape without the need for a custom die. Custom shaped magnets can be used for something similar like a logo and website, something larger like a calendar, or anything in between.

Pricing on custom shaped fridge magnets is calculated in square inches. This is done by multiplying the width by the height to get the total number of square inches. For example, if your magnet measures 3” wide x 4” high, it would be priced at 12 square inches.

Calendar Magnets

Annual calendars are excellent choices for magnets because your clients will keep them on their refrigerators for the entire year. They'll have no choice but to look at your custom logo, company name and contact information each day and month. High quality, full color custom calendar magnets are the best advertising promotional item that "sticks on" your customer's mind 24/7, 365 days a year!

You can choose alternative date calendars, however.  For example, we can make school semester calendars, meeting calendars, seasonal calendars or any other custom calendar you might need. 

Team Schedule Magnets

You may also request seasonal team schedule calendar magnets from DARE Print & Sign Co. The members of your team or athletic alliance may count on these calendars to keep them  in the know about what's going on with current events. We'll be more than happy to create a custom team schedule that looks amazing and contains all the components necessary to keep your team members up - to - date with games, practices, meets, or any other event your team needs to attend.

DARE Print & Sign is also happy to offer professional sports team schedule magnets. We can print schedules for the Denver Broncos, the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Rockies or the Avalanche. Have a different league you follow? No problem! We can get you a team schedule magnet regardless of the team you root for. 

We can also print Cañon City Tiger team schedules. Whether it's for the volleyball team, football team, baseball team, softball team, basketball team or any of the other wonderful sports teams in Cañon City, we've got you covered. 

Whichever shape or size magnet you use to market, DARE Print & Sign has what you need to make your business pop. Don't hesitate to ask for a custom design. Let DARE Print & Sign help take your business to the next level.