Window Clings

Clear and Opaque Window Clings

Do you need to communicate with the world outside your store windows? Would you like to announce a new product, advertise a sale, or celebrate something wonderful? Custom window clings, designed and printed for you by DARE Print & Sign Co., allow for infinite design and messaging. The graphic design team at DARE Print & Sign Co. is ready to turn your ideas into a visually stunning marketing and communication solution with window graphics.

A full-color, custom-designed window cling is the ideal marketing tool designed with flexibility and impact in mind. Window clings are inexpensive, easy to install, and interchangeable with other marketing materials. They add color, texture, design, and important messaging to an otherwise empty space. Where there is glass, metal, plastic, or any other non-porous surface, there is the opportunity for marketing, advertising, and promotion.

Window clings designed and printed by DARE Print & Sign Co. are made by printing photo-quality designs onto vinyl sheets. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and reusable, so they are perfect for changing seasonal marketing campaigns, promoting new products, providing business information, or updating marketing messaging. Window clings are easily installed with a water bottle and squeegee, so they can keep up with active marketing campaigns. Also, because they are made from high-quality vinyl, they will last for years. 

Types of Window Clings

Clear Window Clings
Clear window clings are inexpensive, easy to use, and visually attractive. They are made by printing a high-resolution, custom graphic design onto a clear vinyl sheet. Because they have a transparent background, they let light in and won't obscure visibility. They are perfect for storefront windows, flat vehicle windows, or other non-porous surfaces that need to be seen through the window cling.

Clear window clings can be printed with any full-color design and can be produced in any size and shape. They are the perfect addition to glass surfaces as they combine beautiful design with the beauty of filtered light.

Opaque Window Clings
Unlike clear window clings, opaque window clings have a solid, opaque background. They block light and visibility so they are perfect for providing light-control and privacy. Additionally, because the background is not transparent, it can be printed in any color. 

Opaque window clings can also be printed with any full-color design and produced in any size and shape. They are perfect for situations where light and visibility need to be controlled.

Design and Installation

Window Cling Design
At DARE Print & Sign Co., our full service, professional graphic design team will help you turn your ideas into stunning art printed onto a custom window cling. Whether you have a design ready to go or just a few thoughts floating in your head, our innovative and talented team will turn your graphic ideas into reality.

Window Cling Installation
Window clings stick to non-porous surfaces via static cling, so they can be installed, moved, and removed with little effort and without chemicals or adhesives. They do not leave residue and, because they are printed on high-quality vinyl, will last indefinitely if stored properly.

Please follow our step-by-step instructions for installing, repositioning, removing, and storing custom window clings to ensure that your investment in marketing design lasts a lifetime.

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We appreciate your support and investment in your local economy, and we urge you to consider printing with Cañon City’s top local window cling designer and printer, DARE Print & Sign Co. Our professional graphic design staff is available five days a week from 9am – 5pm. Contact us today!

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