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Auto Vehicle MagnetsEnsure that your message is always on display with our premium quality Car Magnets from DARE Print & Sign Co. This product is printed on heavy-duty glossy material ideally suited for car door signage but can also be used on other surfaces. Magnetic signs are great for those who wish to advertise their business but have their signs transferable or removable and reusable. Our magnetic signs are available in a variety of sizes and we offer fast turnaround. We print our vehicle magnets using top quality, long lasting inks so your magnetic signs will look vibrant for years to come. 

Use custom designed and printed Car Magnets as temporary signs at construction sites or any other changing work environments where metal surfaces are present. Or simply drive around town with your own mobile billboard and promote your business, introduce new products & services, etc. Put a  vehicle magnet sign to work for you! These roaming advertisements come in a variety of sizes to fit a door or other large surface on your vehicle. They clean up easy and can quickly be transferred from one vehicle to another, or removed at the end of the work day.

Car Magnets are printed on heavy-duty material and ideally suited for car door signage. These glossy magnets can also serve as temporary signage for construction sites or other changing work environments and offer long lasting outdoor use.

The most-popular sizes for vehicle magnets are 12" x 18" for compact cars and 12" x 24" for regular size passenger cars. Pickup trucks and SUV's can accommodate larger magnets, with 18" x 24” being very popular. With the largest area of all passenger vehicles, our largest available vehicle magnet 24" x 36” is a popular size for van magnets.

One common mistake people make in ordering their car magnets is to assume that "one size fits all" or to simply guess at the dimensions. Not all car doors are designed the same way or with the same construction materials. Car magnets should be ordered at custom sizes to ensure the best fit on the vehicle. If car magnets are placed over trim molding or on a curved area, the resulting airflow can weaken the bond between the car and the magnet. Always measure the flat, metallic surface area you wish to utilize for your magnetic signs before you order. This is strongly recommended and is the best way to pick the size of your car magnets.

Popular Uses & Ideas for Auto Magnet Signs

  • Car Door Signage / Car Magnets
  • Temporary Signage for Changing Work Environments (e.g., construction sites)
  • Introduction to New Products and Services

12" X 18" Compact Car Magnets

set of two $59.99 plus tax

12" X 24" Passenger Car Magnets

set of two $75.99 plus tax

18" X 24" Truck / SUV Magnets

set of two $99.99 plus tax

24" X 36" Van Magnets / Job Site Magnets

set of two $169.99 plus tax

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