Square Payment Processing

Simple Credit Card Payments and Merchant Services

Oct 07, 2021 | Traci Mumm Content Development Specialist

Not so long ago, business transactions were time-consuming and inefficient.  Sales were recorded on receipt pads, cash collected in a drawer under the counter, and invoices typed and mailed.  Bookkeepers managed data in ledgers with sharpened pencils. Store clerks recorded credit card payments using friction and a carbon copy form and tapped merchandise into an analog cash register. Few transactions were conducted instantaneously. Everything took time and ink.

Selling merchandise is very different today. Gone are the pads of paper and carbon copies. Today’s business happens with strong wifi and without paper. No one needs sharpened pencils, but they do need powerful programs designed specifically for transacting business.

DARE Print & Sign Co. recommends Square Payment Processing to professionals who want to make it easy for their customers to pay them easily with many different options. This powerful and deceptively simple app has become the industry’s top choice for point-of-sale systems, payment hardware products, and merchant services. Whether your business is a one-person freelance side hustle, or you employ 50 people, Square will help you worry less about the operation of your business so you can focus on your customers.

Point of Sale

Square’s suite of software offers a free point-of-sale app that operates on any phone, tablet, or computer. The app is designed to reduce the friction of managing and conducting sales transactions and works seamlessly in the field or in a brick-and-mortar store. Wherever you are, you can make a sale using the Square app.

For businesses that require a more customizable solution, Square has created both free and paid point of sale subscriptions for retail, restaurant, and appointment-based businesses.  Square leaves no business behind.

Payment Processing

Whether your customers pay with a magnetic strip, embedded chip, phone payment, or credit card digits sent over email, Square payment processing makes the transaction easy and secure.

Square makes completing credit card transactions manageable by offering systems that operate on a Square device, computer, tablet, or phone. Credit card payments can be taken by inserting a free Square reader into a phone or computer. With this capability, merchants can accept credit cards as easily as cash.

For its credit card processing services, Square does not charge monthly fees, just a flat rate for every transaction. Businesses that use the Square platform can readily accept credit card payments knowing exactly what the transaction will cost. 

Additionally, Square protects your business transactions by including chargeback protection, fraud detection, account takeover protection, and more. By using Square, you can focus on increasing sales knowing that your data and transactions are secure.

Merchant Services

Square’s point of sale and payment processing are far from the only services the platform offers. The app also includes intuitive merchant services that include invoicing, online payments, and tools to monitor and dispute chargebacks. The Square platform is really a one-stop shop for managing a business.

Additionally, Square supports integration with many popular business apps including Intuit Quickbooks.  Businesses who use the Square platform can rest assured that their data will speak to and cooperate with other business management programs. Creating a Square account does not disrupt how business is done.  It just makes doing business easier and more efficient.

Account Set-Up

Creating a Square account does not require a credit check, banking information, or cumbersome forms to complete. Additionally, a Square account comes with a free credit card reader and point of sale app that will enable your business to immediately begin accepting credit card payments.

The Square dashboard, which is included in the account, offers analytics reporting, inventory management, and helpful alerts. Basically, once you have created your account, you are ready to utilize the powerful functionality the Square platform has to offer. 

DARE Print & Sign Co. uses the Square business platform for our sales, payment processing, invoicing, and reporting and analytics..  It is, by far, the most intuitive, affordable, and functional way to manage business transactions.  If you haven’t already, open your Square account now to discover a new relationship with your business management software.


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