Gator Board Signs

For All Events - Indoors or Out!

Nov 10, 2021 | Aiesha Jacobe Content Development Specialist

Some things are meant to last long, like gator boards for your signs! Keep your signs, displays, and advertisements bright and clear longer with gator boards from DARE Print & Sign Co! 

What are Gator Boards? 

Gator boards are strong, durable, and versatile signs made of heavy-duty materials to withstand outdoor and indoor use. They are made of polystyrene foam that’s packed in between wood fiber veneer.

Similar to foam core boards, gator boards are lightweight signs you can take on-the-go. They may be slightly heavier than foam core boards, but still light enough for ease of use. The solid core made of polystyrene foam keeps the board rigid while the layers of wood fiber veneer make them more durable and easy-to-maintain.

At DARE Print & Sign Co., our gator boards are composed of extruded polystyrene foam that’s bonded between two layers of wood-fiber veneer, printed with UV inks for long-lasting vibrant color. If you’re looking for something to use for a recurring event, product launch, or some new decor, our gator boards are perfect for you!

Why should you choose Gator Boards? 

Gator boards have more uses than any other kind of poster board because of its durability. It is the most ideal kind of material to use for businesses for eye-catching advertisements, product launch announcements, event signages, and many more. 

Your signs are sure to stand out from the crowd longer when we print your designs with UV inks on gator boards, no matter where you place them. It gives you the benefits you get from foam core boards and more, as it is more durable and can withstand outdoor use for longer periods of time too.

If you are planning to have signs made for outdoor displays and events, gator boards are your best option. With proper care and precaution against sun and other weather damages, they can last long out in the open. 

Here are a few more uses for gator boards: 

Promotions and Advertisements

You don’t want people to just pass by your promotional announcements and advertisements, you want them to stop and read what you’re telling them. Gator boards are perfect for promotional displays and advertisements around your office building, the mall, a market, or outside your store. 

The durability of gator boards allow your designs to be printed in full, vibrant color, that will turn heads no matter where you place them. They are your best option for promotional displays and advertisements that you plan to have around for a while, because they have a longer lifespan.

Exhibits and Displays

Exhibits and displays are meant to be seen and appreciated by the public, no matter where you put them. Gator boards are a popular choice for exhibits and displays because the colors and details of designs printed on them last longer than on other kinds of poster boards. 

You would want your displays to last for as long as you need them to, and the rigid material used in making gator boards along with bright UV inks printed on them will help you make that happen. 

Permanent Signs and Decor

Some signs and decor don’t need to come and go as seasons change. Gator boards are the perfect option for permanent signages and decor because they can last for up to 2 years without fading, bending, or warping. 

You can keep signs up and make sure your store or office is beautifully decorated by using gator boards. With your designs printed using UV inks on them, you won’t need to worry about replacements as often as you would with any other kind of poster board. 

Events, Kiosks, and Conventions

Many business owners like attending events and conventions, putting up their kiosks and booths to expand their reach. If you’re frequently taking your business to these kinds of places, gator boards will make your life a lot more convenient! 

Gator boards are rigid, durable, and lightweight. They make perfect standees, backdrops, and displays for events, kiosks, and conventions because they’re portable and they don’t bend and break easily. 

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