Aluminum Heavy Duty Signs

The Perfect Signage for Durable Street Promotions

Nov 08, 2021 | Erica Haferkamp Creative Director

Startup companies and small businesses invest in signage as a sure way of increasing traffic to their business location. This small up front investment works as a brilliant advertising strategy to let everyone around you know who you are and what they can expect from your company. Signs are the first contact many customers will face to determine the value of the company's brand, be it factory signs, directional signs, or parking signs you have put up. Aluminum Heavy Duty Signs accomplish the goal of branding your business in a durable and weatherproof way while still being affordable.

With so many sign material options to choose from to make the directional and factory signs, and it can be challenging to select the right one. The professional graphic designers and sign substrate experts at DARE Print & Sign Co. can help you understand what kind of signage to pick for the problem that you are trying to solve. Getting suitable material for the job is essential, and nothing comes close to heavy-duty aluminum signs. But why go for aluminum signs?

1. Durability
Aluminum signs are among the most durable outdoor signs in the market and are perfect as directional signs to a business. Their standard wear is about three years, extending to 6 years when you pick a premium-grade aluminum that is rust-proof.

2. Variety
A business should base its sign on the overall look it wants to portray. Due to its flexible nature, it’s easy to get it in various sizes catering to the business image. Still, it’s easy to work with for an ultimate look, and you can get it with straight and circular corners contouring it to an idea in mind.

3. Weather resistant
Considering the environment will determine how long and how great the sign will ultimately look. A heavy-duty sign made of aluminum works well in adverse weather conditions, ensuring its possible to retain it in the first storm. With a heavy-duty sign, rainy and windy conditions will not cause alarm that the investment will disappear without serving its purpose. Heavy aluminum remains intact for long durations, and it offers peace of mind from the day of installation.

4. Cleaning and maintenance
When using aluminum signs as parking and traffic signs directing it to business, the image and overall brand of the company are displayed to all passersby. It's essential to keep up with cleaning and maintenance will ensure that that image is protected. Choose a material that is easy to clean by rain to wash off dirt and that the wind can blow off the grime. However, cleaning can be necessary if the storm brings in debris that covers the sign making it difficult to see the written material. Aluminum is easy to clean with a power wash. Due to its flexible nature, it is easy to clean in corners and easy to maintain, and quite affordable.

5. Cost
When operating a business, the advertisement cost is a concern that owners need to consider to become profitable. With a budget, the installation of directional signs and outdoor signs for advertising should be within the range of the business. Aluminum heavy-duty signs are a high-quality material that is affordable for most companies. With its water-resistant feature, the signs written about the business will not wear off within the period from installation. Still, its scratch-proof ability offers value for money at an affordable cost, making it ideal as the go-to for all signage needs in promoting the business.

6. Lifespan
Signs last different lifespans depending on the material used to make them. The company's needs will determine the material used as promotional material is often used in shorter periods and does not necessarily have to be durable. Suppose the signage are wayfinding boards working as directional signs and factory signs for health and safety purposes. In that case, you may need to pick one more durable, like a heavy-duty aluminum sign.

7. Repairs and replacements
Preparing for damage during the installation process is vital. The reality is that even aluminum heavy-duty signs aren’t invincible from damage and may get dents when heavily hit. The best part is that loss is more straightforward to replace in some materials than in some, where the whole sign needs replacing like acrylic.

8. UV exposure
The significant thing about aluminum signs is that they illuminate brightly with the proper exposure to the sun and shine enough to be seen from a long distance. Even after some time, the colors and graphics stay in place and hardy fade. It works idealistically as the signs remain in proper standard shape where it's easy to read well. With a UV-resistant treatment and incorporation of an outstanding finish, the board with additional features to make it stand out will last as long as the material's lifespan.

The use of aluminum heavy-duty signs for a business/ company can promote products, services, and even events for a business. Offering brand awareness and recognition for business also works well to attract customers to the business's operating station. To get value for money, getting in touch with an aluminum signs expert is advisable. Look into one that offers to make aluminum signs for a variety of things like parking signs and traffic signs, among others.

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